In Loving Memory of Mirriam Newmark Fogel

The Attica Community Foundation is saddened at the loss of Mirriam Newmark Fogel.  She was the wife of the late Isadore Fogel and mother of Rob and Jan.  Mirriam passed away on Sunday, December 24.

The Foundation sends it condolences to Mirriam’s family and friends.  She will be sadly missed by them.  Mirriam loved and served the Attica community in a variety of ways, most notably through the Sam Newmark store.  

We are grateful the family has requested that memorial contributions go to the Attica Community Foundation.  Memorial donations may be sent to: Attica Community Foundation, Attn: Newmark-Fogel Education Fund, PO Box 161, Attica, IN 47918.  Donations may also be made online at: 

Donations to the Newmark-Fogel Education Fund are invested and a portion of the earnings are used to award grants to support educational purposes in the very broadest meaning of the term in the Attica Community.

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