Apply NOW ~ Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship

The application process is now open for high school seniors to apply for the Fountain County and Vermillion County ~ Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship, administered by the Western Indiana Community Foundation. 

Students must apply by Friday, August 25 at:

The scholarship will provide for full tuition, required fees, and a special allocation of up to $900 per year for required books and required equipment for four years of undergraduate study on a full-time basis, leading to a baccalaureate degree at any Indiana public or private college or university. 

For answers to your questions, please contact Kim Eaton at the Western Indiana Community Foundation at 793-0702, ext. 3.

Elanco & Foundation Announce Major Donation to the Vermillion County Fairgrounds Grandstand Project

Vermillion County Community Foundation is pleased to announce a $20,000 matching gift opportunity through its partnership with Elanco – Clinton Labs.

Combined, Elanco and the Vermillion County Community Foundation will match dollar-for-dollar the first $20,000 donated for the Vermillion County Fairgrounds/Cayuga Park Grandstand Project between now and December 31.  A fire on January 26, 2017 destroyed the former historic grandstand that was built in 1933. 

According to Dale White, executive director of the community foundation, “in partnership with Elanco (a division of Eli Lilly) we will match dollar-for-dollar any donation that is made towards the rebuilding of the grandstand until the matching goal of $20,000 has been reached.  This will end up being a $40,000 donation to the project.” 

“We can’t think of a better time to announce this matching gift opportunity than during the Vermillion County Fair Week.  Thousands of Vermillion County citizens have benefitted from the use of the Fairgrounds over the decades and in particular, the popular grandstand.  We cannot think of a better use of donated resources than to partner with the Vermillion County Fairgrounds/Cayuga Park Grandstand Project.  We believe the fundraising goal of $20,000 can be achieved in a relatively short amount of time.  Ideally, by the end of Fair Week. ”

Rebuilding and assorted costs are expected to exceed the amount reimbursed by insurance. 

Donations may be made to: Vermillion County Community Foundation, ATTN: Grandstand Project, P.O. Box 532, Clinton, IN 47842 or online at

For more details about this matching gift opportunity contact Dale White by phone at (765) 832-8665, ext. 4 or by e-mail

Wildcat Scholarship Fund Established

Vermillion County Community Foundation is pleased to announce the establishment of the Wildcat Scholarship Fund. 
According to Dale White, Chief Executive Officer of the Vermillion County Community Foundation, “The Wildcat Scholarship Fund will expand the opportunity for area youth to pursue their dream of attending a college, university or vocational trade school after completing high school.  Two recipients will receive the award this year.  The payout of approximately $1,500 this year will come from a portion of the earnings of the scholarship fund.” 

The scholarship will assist graduates of South Vermillion High School who are pursuing a post-secondary degree.  Applicants eligible for the scholarship must have a minimum GPA of 2.5.  Other selection criteria taken into consideration includes the applications community service, extracurricular activities and/or employment and financial need.  The scholarship will be awarded at the May senior awards night.

Memorial & Honor Giving


  Fountain and Vermillion County are home to many wonderful people who have made a deep impact in the  

  Are you looking for a way to memorialize a loved one or friend who is no longer with us?  Or perhaps you would like
  to honor a family worker, friend, co-worker, or service provider who has a positive influence in your daily   
  life?  Memorial and Honor gifts are great ways to honor those who are or have been significant in your life or the life of your community. Your gift will go to the fund you specify, in the name of the one you're honoring. 

All memorial and honor gifts are acknowledged to the person or people you designate so that the loved one's family, or the person you are honoring, is aware of the gift.  Or you can make an anonymous gift if you desire to do so.  The amount of the gift is, of course, confidential and only you will receive a gift acknowledgement for tax purposes.  It's very easy to give a memorial or honor gift – just click on the Donate Here! tab on this page to get started.