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Analysis of financial resources available to help fund postsecondary education is of great benefit to students planning to continue their education after high school. The Western Indiana Community Foundation is pleased to bring you the free, confidential, College Costs Estimator service from the National Center for College Costs, which will help you understand in advance, what will be expected of you when it is time to complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). In addition, the College Costs Estimator offers other financial information related to specific Indiana colleges or universities that you choose. Any Indiana resident can take advantage of the College Costs Estimator. It is strongly recommended that all students in Fountain County at any high school grade level take advantage of this service.

Any student that is applying for a scholarship through the Western Indiana Community Foundation that includes financial need as any part of the selection criteria, is required to enter the Expected Family Contribution figured by the College Costs Estimator on the scholarship application.

Below are instructions to help you complete the form online:

1. Connect to www.indianacollegecosts.org using your favorite Internet browser.

2. Read the welcome page carefully and then click on “Create a new account.” You can also click “Login to an existing account” if you have already have an account. Gather the information necessary to complete the form, read the confidentiality note, and if you agree check the box and click “Start New Estimator.” You will then be sent to a “Demographics” page, the first of six pages that make up the form. (To guarantee the most accurate output it is recommended to have the parent and student tax forms (1040EZ, 1040A or 1040) and/or W-2s, any parent and student untaxed income information, parent and student asset information, parent business and/or farm records (if applicable), and student academic information (GPA, SAT/ACT test scores).)

3. When finished entering data, be sure to check the summary page to make sure everything was entered correctly then click “Submit your Estimator.” Here you can choose the delivery method for your report to be returned to you. You will also sign a release form electronically. Once you have signed the release form, click “Submit my Estimator.”

4. Your College Costs Estimator report will be mailed or emailed to you based on the option you chose. You may contact the National Center for College Costs office to discuss your report with a consultant at (877) 687-7291.

**You will be able to view your results at this time, but after verification and/or follow-up by the National Center for College Costs staff, the final result may vary.


Call the National Center for College Costs toll free at (877) 687-7291 or email: info@collegecosts.com

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