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About WICF

The Western Indiana Community Foundation is a public charity, founded in 1990, conceived by a group of citizens whose desire is to use donated monies for the betterment of their communities. The Foundation shares the same dream as its forefathers: prosperity, expansion, and enhancement for its citizens. The Foundation has four separate and distinct affiliate funds serving their geographical areas (school district boundaries), which consist of the:

Attica Community Foundation
Covington Community Foundation
Southeast Fountain Community Foundation
Vermillion County Community Foundation

The work of each community foundation has three basic tasks. First, we invest money so that donated funds are productive and a portion of the earnings is available to provide scholarships and grants. Our board, investment managers, accountants and attorneys all help us to assure financially sound and professional management. Secondly, we distribute grants and scholarships. This is done carefully so we honor the original intentions of the donors and follow the purpose of each endowment fund. The Foundation has awarded over $3.0 million in grants since 1994. Third, we seek donations because there is so much more we could be doing if only more people choose to become donors to an existing or new fund at the community foundation.

To discuss how you can help others, please contact Dale White at the Western Indiana Community Foundation, at (765) 793-0702 or dwhite@wicf-inc.org.

Western Indiana Community Foundation

Chief Executive Officer
Dale White
- dwhite@wicf-inc.org

Finance & Operations Coordinator
Kim Eaton
- keaton@wicf-inc.org

Grant & Scholarship Coordinator

Office Assistant
Laura Hacquet
- lhacquet@wicf-inc.org

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